Team Information

    RobotEx's team is split up into two main groups, Construction/Design and Marketing/Display. As the name suggests, Construction/Design deals mainly with the construction of the robot and its effectiveness on the field. Marketing/Display is all about marketing the product to the people and ensuring that proper details and understanding on the product that is being endorsed by RobotEx is fully understood.

    The respective members are under the title of the tables. The names are in alphabetical order. The team demographics can be found to the bottom of the names and it has information about the team's grade diversity and company structure.

Below is a team picture of RobotEx. The first two rows are the Senior members of RobotEx.

RobotEx Company


Avinash Anshumali   
Rohan Badve   
Jacob Bosarge   
Ashleigh Bowen   
Emmitt Fagerstrom   
Nick Hacker   
Jeetesh Kunche   
Ford Laden   
Nolan Lenard   
Theodore Pitsios-Luther   
Thoms O'Donnell   
Kennedy MacDonald   
Collin Madden   
Brandon Mason   
Mayur Menon   
Jacob Miller   
Gradie Miller   
Omkar Mulekar   
Allison Nelson   
Rohan Palanki   
Justin Parker   
Donovan Patterson   
Justin Poiroux   
Zachary Taylor   
Johnny Tran   
Michael Williams   


Tanvi Bhadkamkar  
Krista Demetropoulos  
Nandita Dey  
Jennifer Eaton  
Lexie Eilers  
Matthew Fox  
Elizabeth Graham  
Kaylee Johnston  
Katie Kramer  
Abbigail Madden  
Susi Manning  
Maya Menon  
Ron Navarro  
Lindsey Nguyen  
Rupa Palanki  
Manisha Patel  
Janna Stevens  
Gracie Thull  
Maitland Thull  
Joshua Tolbert  
Emily Zecha  

Grade Diversity Company Structure

Grade Diversity Company Structure