RobotEx's team is split up into two main groups, Construction and Design; and Marketing and Display. As the name suggests, Construction and Design deals mainly with the construction of the robot and its effectiveness on the field. Marketing and Display is all about marketing the product to the people and ensuring that proper details and understanding on the product that is being endorsed by RobotEx is fully understood.

     The respective members are under the title of the tables. The names are in alphabetical order. The team demographics can be found to the side of the names and it has information about the teams ethnic, grade, and gender diversity.

Construction and Design

Will Brannan
Jeremiah Curry
Gayatri Deshmukh
Lucas Donivan
John Draughter
Emmitt Fagerstrom
Nick Hacker
Anthony Kim
Ford Laden
Nolan Lenard
Collin Madden
Kim Majumder
Sam Majumder
Mayur Menon
Jacob Miller
Omkar Mulekar
Allison Nelson
Rohan Palanki
Donovan Patterson
Justin Poiroux
Mansi Rawat
Janna Stevens
Johnny Tran
Griffin Tucker
Emily Zecha

Marketing and Display

Shambi Anshumali
Krista Demetropoulos
Jennifer Eaton
Lexie Eliers
Matthew Fox
Malin Holm
Shelita Johnson
Katie Kramer
Kennedy MacDonald
Brandon Mason
Ron Navarro
Rupa Palanki
Manisha Patel
Gracie Thull
Genevieve Tillman
Michael Williams


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