Andreas and Gatekeeper 2013

    RobotEx Corporation, a premier provider of quality robots, was established in 2004 in Mobile, Alabama. Since its founding, RobotEx has enjoyed commercial and technological success with government contracts and industrial robotics. These successes can be attributed to the company’s dedication to a safe working atmosphere, delivery of quality products, and its continued development as a good corporate citizen. It is also worth to mention that in order to ensure a standardized design process, RobotEx Corporation adopted an Engineering Design Algorithm as its sequence for designing products within the company.

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    RobotEx is proud to introduce its latest product, Andreas. Andreas is a state-of-the-art robot capable of upgrading BEST Robotics' first robot, Squeaky. Andreas' name comes from a Greek word that means "man warrior." RobotEx's product is created with extreme precision and planning. If there is any robot that can upgrade Squeaky, Andreas is more than capable to do so.

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    The company also has a promo video about Andreas titled, Update Squeaky. It is also an entry for South's BEST's video contest. The video is right below this paragraph.

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    RobotEx has a competitive application process. In a 6-week competition, we do not have time to extensively train people in the basics. The people we choose for the company will be able to demonstrate that they can think and write clearly and have a sense for engineering. Our application is designed to help us see that in new applicants.

    There are only 10-12 slots available for this round of applicants. We will likely receive 30 to 40 applications. That means that we will have to be very selective and turn away many good applications. As team members graduate, we will need to rebuild, so you are encouraged to reapply next year if you are not chosen for this team.

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Gatekeeper Schedule: (Jubilee BEST)

Kick-Off Day: August 24th
Mall Day: September 28th
Game Day: October 5th
Auburn Championship: December 7-8