This summer, RobotEx traveled to Airbus to promote BEST and gain more volunteers and mentros to support the teams on Game Day. We were also able to gain new insights in applying technology to our robot design methods for this year's game theme. Not only that, but being at Airbus made us realize how similar the work we accomplish in BEST is equal to that of the work that is accomplished in industry on a daily basis.


Clark-Shaw Middle School

     Clark-Shaw Middle School asked for assistance with their brand new team. RobotEx helped them develop a scoring strategy and robot design. We also helped them create a notebook and a design for their exhibit booth. We emphasized the importance of critical thinking and the engineering design process in both construction and marketing to complete this year's task.


Dodge and Fonde Elementary School

     In order to promote BEST and the engineering design process, members of our team visited Dodge and Fonde Elementary and gave them a simplle engineering project to complete. The project, called the Paper Drop, simulated real tasks and problems engineers face every day.

Fonde and Paper Drop

Fonde is pictured above | Hover to see the paper drop


     Not only did our team have to construct a functional robot, we also had to communicate with the public to market it. Members of our marketing division created posters, flyers, and signs to hang in our school and in local businesses.


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