Meet Yuri

Yuri is RobotEx's robot and it is designed to deliver materials from earth to space in a very efficient way. The name was derived from Yuri Artsutanov, the man best known for being one of the pioneers of the idea of space elevator.

Roller Base

Roller Base of Yuri

    The roller base mount was designed so that a piece of PVC pipe attached to the tower mount, which was made of sheet metal. A rotating wooden roller base connected to a PVC plate with four pins. The PVC plate moved within a cutout from the stationary PVC pipe in order to allow the robot to rotate 180 degrees around the tower.


Arm of Yuri

    The arm was designed to lift the maximum weight of cargo objects as well as to provide the necessary extension to sort the various space elevator cargos into the appropriate bins, studs, racks, and slots.


Claw of Yuri
    The Narnian is the claw of RobotEx's robot, Yuri. The Narnian has some pros and cons that were carefully evaluated by the team.




  • Picks up 2 objects at once
  • Versatile for strategy
  • Efficient because it requires less trips up & down the tower


  • Large and bulky
  • Harder to maneuver
  • Weaker grip
  • Heavier