BEST 2012: Warp XX

Yuri Meets Warp XX

    RobotEx was founded in 2004 in Mobile, Alabama as a medical technology provider for BEST Robotics, Inc. Since then, RobotEx has expanded its enterprise to include a range of industrial and commercial applications.

Construction: From power tools to fabrication, construction gives rise to students that have the capacity to dominate their field of work.
Leadership: True leaders have the aptitude to make decisions and lead the masses.
Team-work: The ability to work with your peers is crucial for success on any level.
RobotEx: A group of people that weave together construction, leadership, and that creates individuals that are ready to embark on the journey of success in their future careers.

    For more information about RobotEx, please visit the company page here.

    RobotEx's robot is named Yuri. The name was derived from the first man ever to be recorded to have thought of the idea of a space elevator, Yuri Artsutanov. The purpose for building Yuri is to provide an easy and economic way of transporting goods from earth to space in a very efficient way.

    For more information about Yuri and its specifications, please visit the product page here.

    The hint we have about this year's game is that no robot from any other game will be successful. This team will have to think outside of the box to create a new winning design. As of the beginning of the season, we have already chosen 10th-12th graders for the team. We are now prepared to welcome our freshmen and students new to Davidson.

    RobotEx has a competitive application process. In a 6-week competition, we do not have time to extensively train people in the basics. The people we choose for the team will be able to demonstrate that they can think and write clearly and have a sense for engineering. Our application is designed to help us see that in new applicants.

    Below you will find samples from the applications that have been submitted. These are posted so that new applicants can understand the quality level that will make his or her applications competitive. It is likely that the ones labeled "good" did not take advantage of this resource. There are only 10-12 slots available for this round of applicants. We will likely receive 30 to 40 applications. That means that we will have to be very selective and turn away many good applications. As team members graduate, we will need to rebuild, so you are encouraged to reapply next year if you are not chosen for this team.