RobotEx 2011


Michael Fletcher is one of the sponsors of the Davidson Robotics Team. He has been teaching for 13 years at Davidson High School. He teaches geometry, algebra II with trigonometry, pre-calculus, Math Special Topics, EPIC Infinity Project, and mentorship classes. He has won numerous national awards for his teaching excellence, and he is also a co-author of a University of Chicago geometry textbook that was published and released in 2009.

Jenny Parker is the sponsor of the Robotics Team Notebook and Marketing Committees. She teaches geometry, pre-calculus, and EPIC Infinity Project. With a degree from the University of Alabama School of Law, Ms. Parker provides experience and insight to the team in its operations.

Zachary Brewer is the sponsor and safety advisor for the Construction Committee. He teaches several classes at Davidson that are geared in the math and science direction. He is heavily involved in engineering projects around the school, including the Engineering the Future (ETF) program.



Geoff Peacock, a parent of a current Robotics member, has been volunteering with Robotics for two years.

Roger Smith has been volunteering with Robotics for seven years.

Greg Hickman, a former Robotics student at Davidson, attends the University of South Alabama as a mechanical engineer major. Two days a week, he teaches engineering geared classes to IB students during third period.

Jeff Mizell became an electrical engineer major at the University of South Alabama after graduating from Davidson.

Construction Employees

Gaurav Agrawal
William Brannan
Pranaya Chilikuri
Nikhilesh Chilikuri
Casie Connolly
Bradley Davis
Suranjana Dey
Duy Do
Lucas Donavan
Jenna Draughter
Troy Ephriam
Anna Griffin
Shelbey Howard
Kendall Lee
Samantha Majumder
Kimberly Majumder
Bradley Mason
Brandon Mason
Cody Miller
Trooper Moody
Omkar Mulekar
Sydney Myers
Allison Nelson
Rohan Palanki
Darshil Patel
Sarah Peacock
Justin Poiroux
Mansi Rawat
Jacqui Scholdbauer
Miles Smith
Stefan Stoffell
Danni Xin

Marketing Employees

Shambi Anshumali
Shelby Auer
Morgan Bishop
Lauren Chisholm
Alissa Hadden
Audrey Hill
Hannah Houseknecht
Nicole Ida
Venu Kunche
Kristen Lee
Ron-Rodrigo Navarro
Kinsey Stanley
Delaney Thull
Gracie Thull
Dana Waller