RobotEx 2011


In order to continue its excellent safety record, RobotEx implemented additional measures to ensure employee safety. A dual level program was created to address the safety standards for team members with different level of experience. Along with participating in a half-day training session and learned the safety procedures necessary for each of the three levels of tools, each employee was required to score 90% or above on a safety exam to earn certification. After completing the levels, the member received the appropriate sticker to place on their student ID to show which tools they are allowed to use.
For the more experienced members, a professional safety training program was arranged at TCSI, a local industrial safety training provider. Members were educated about the following topics: informational presentations about general employee safety, hazard communication, respiratory and hearing protection, electrical safety, and process safety management. Some members also took the official safety training exam afterwards, qualifying them to work in the industry.

In order to further ensure that all team members are aware of the safety requirements for all tasks required to create the robot, Job Safety Analysis (JSA) sheets were created. These sheets clearly delineate the processes required for each task, the hazards inherent to each process, the risk level of each task, and suggested safety procedures.