RobotEx 2011



Some RobotEx members went to a local Boy Scout troop and accomplished a Punnett Square activity. During the activity the children determined the genetic makeup of their bug using a Punnett Square. The kids then put together a bug according the Punnett Square.

We went to Griggs Elementary School and explained how the engineering design process works and how it relates to the world. We also outlined problem solving and how we use it to construct our robot. We explained how the robot works and how we created the design.

Members of RobotEx visited Causey middle school and shared our pervious strategies that have worked for us in the past. We helped them build their robot and helped them develop their best award.

We visited ER Dickson and talked to members of their EYE club. We explained the importance of using the engineering design process and eleborated on how we used it to develop our design.