RobotEx 2011


The objective is to create a robotic control prototype that gathers the bugs that have escaped from BEST Genetics and places them in Containment Areas (CAs). The robot must carefully transport, sort, and provide nourishment for the bugs.

The Bug Zone (BZ) is 23 feet by 23 feet square containing a 3 foot high by 3 foot wide shed at its center. On each side of the shed, each team has three CAs as well as three cones that contain food and an X-shaped barricade where the termites are located.

The upper part of the shed holds 4 red flies suspended from a rotating carousel as well as 12 cockroaches scurrying around its base. The flies and the cockroaches are behind magnetically secured cabinet doors. Hanging over each side of the shed are two black flies. The lowest part of the shed contains 2 termites. There are four common bug food dispensers, which dispense food after a switch is released.

RobotEx’s E.O. will help BEST Genetics return genetically altered bugs that have taken refuge in the shed to the CAs. It is imperative that E.O. collect food to nourish the bugs so that they are available for further study. This robotic control system must be within the two cubic foot size requirement and within the twenty-four pound weight requirement set by BEST Genetics. Only materials (see Appendix A) provided by BEST Genetics are used to construct the robot. E.O. is the best robot on the market to help BEST Genetics recapture genetically modified bugs.