RobotEx 2011



About Davidson

W. P. Davidson High school was established in 1960 as a four-year secondary education institution in the Mobile County Public School System. Davidson is fully accredited by SACS (Southeastern Association of Colleges and Schools). Davidson offers one of the most comprehensive programs available to students in Mobile, Alabama. It became the first public high school in the county to offer a full-time gifted and Advanced Placement program. Davidson was selected as a National Blue Ribbon School in 1990 and again in 1994. The school’s dedicated faculty and administration have won numerous awards, including several National Board Certified Teachers, State Principal of the Year, State Teacher of the Year, and a National Milken Foundation Award winner.


About EPIC

Davidson’s Robotics Program coincides with EPIC (Engineering Pathways Integrated Curriculum). Begun in 2004, this program enables students to pursue their career goals through a selection of engineering focused math and science core classes. While still taking part in high school activities, students work towards either an EPIC major or EPIC minor, resulting in a beneficial introduction to post secondary education. Because the Robotics team is so greatly influenced by engineering and technology, EPIC serves as a key supporter and sponsor to the students taking part in the competition.


About RobotEx

RobotEx was founded in 2004 in Mobile, Alabama as a medical technology provider for BEST Robotics, Inc. Since then, RobotEx has expanded its enterprise to include a range of industrial and commercial applications. Since then, competitive contracting has led RobotEx to develop a production model dependent on current corporate objectives. From the separation of PCR Primers from the deoxyribonucleotides in 2004 to the collection and creation of alternative fuels in 2009, RobotEx has become a large force in the contracting industry.