Safety Program

Because RobotEx stresses safety of all employees, each member must go through a rigorous safety program. First, they must observe, read, and internalize various sources of information regarding basic safety rules, guidelines, and concepts. They are then tested on this information in the form of a written exam. A score of 90% or higher must be achieved for an employee to be considered as having mastered the basics.

A detailed safety contract is then provided to all those who have mastered the basics. This lists the numerous responsibilities each member holds when working with any type of tool. Once this is complete, employees are certified to use basic hand tools, such as knives, files, and screwdrivers. This is referred to as Level 1 Certification. An employee may, if he or she so desires, sign up for practical sessions to acquire the certification level required to use other tools.

Level 2 Certification is given to those who have undergone a Level 2 practical session. During this session, employees are shown the various power tools associated with Level 2 Certification, like jigsaws, scroll saws and the like. They are then asked to demonstrate a working knowledge of how to operate the tool. If they do this to a satisfactory degree, they become certified.

Level 3 Certification covers the most dangerous tools in the workshop. These include the bandsaw, the electric sander, the grindstone, and the table saw. The process for becoming certified is the same as with Level 2 Certification.

Even after being certified to use tools, employees are strongly urged to ask for assistance from mentors and consultants when unsure about how to fabricate a specific part with the tools provided.