The Name

CG1.0 is RobotEx's latest robot. It is capable of collecting, sorting, and transporting both defective and non-defective materials within a factory. The name came from Carl Gauss, the man credited for developing the bell curve associated with Six Sigma.

The Chassis and Wheels

The shape of the chassis is very simple, it's only requirement being to hold the other parts of the robot together. There were no concerns regarding weight. There was also no need to shape it specifically to accommodate additions to the robot.

The wheels, too, are very simple. Again, there was no need to compromise the integrity of the material to remove weight from the robot.

The Arm and Sorter

The arm of the robot is designed to allow for the transport of Gizmos. It is a rectangular tube with transparent walls to allow the operator to observe the robot's actions and stop the process if necessary. The bottom of the arm is attached to a semi-circular part. This is attached on both sides to a single spool. As the spool rotates, the arm moves up and down while the string attached to the arm applies the necessary tension to lift the arm.

After much deliberation, RobotEx decided that the CG1.0 would need to be able to sort Gizmos autonomously. This would take the burden off the operator, and would increase efficiency dramatically. The Gizmos fall through the arm, single-file, and land on a plate. This activates a switch that will move the servo above to turn either left or right, depending on the program that the operator indicates as correct. A sensor behind the plate aids in the sorting by indicated which part of the program must be run to correctly sort the Gizmo. The Gizmo then goes down a chute to a collector, or passes into a collector for defective Gizmos.

The Defective Gizmo Collector

This collector houses both defective Gizmos and Gadgets. In a very RobotEx-esque manner, it looks much like a basket. A door in the front drops down via servo to allow the collected products a means of escape.

The Chute

The chute is, in essence, a slide for the desired Gizmos to slide down. The slope is the result of the ideal compromise between speed and physical capabilities.

The Lift

The lift uses a concept very familiar to RobotEx. Using a pulley system, the rotation of a motor slides a movable piece of Igus track along another. Basically, the rotating motor extends the reach of the lift, allowing for the height needed to store Gizmo Packages.

The Scoop and Claw

The scoop was fabricated with the help of a couple of professional companies. The precision needed to make the part was too much for RobotEx to produce in a timely manner. It will function similarly to a dustpan, collecting Gizmos, Gizmo Packages, and Package Lids. The back of the scoop funnels down to the arm to prevent some clogging of multiple Gizmos.

The claw portion of this assembly has many purposes. It both tilts the Gizmo Package for collection and fastens it to the scoop for transport. It also secures the Lid. Possibly, it's most important task is to gather Gizmos. It must collect them within the scoop and then break apart any clusters that prevent the Gizmos from reaching the sorting mechanism.