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As a corporation, RobotEx has created many robots for varying purposes. As of yet, the company's only contractor is BEST Robotics Inc., which has contracted RobotEx for several different objectives.


This year, RobotEx has been contracted by BEST Robotics Inc. to develop a robot that is capable of aiding in reducing factory waste. It must be able to dispense of defective materials, as well as transport acceptable materials through a factory. By doing this, the robot can help a company decrease its defective parts per million (ppm). If the ppm of a company is below a certain threshold, the company is said to produce with an efficiency known as Six Sigma.


Six Sigma refers to a lean manufacturing technique in which a company tries to minimize defective production. This level is measured in terms of sigma, the unit for standard deviation. The lower the sigma value, the less efficient the company.

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