The RobotEx Application Process




The Application

Each year, aspiring RobotEx members must apply via an application devised by a previously chosen management team, or Lean Team. This includes both a common application form and a task devised by the Lean Team. Through this task, applicants must show what they can offer to the team as a whole. They must be able to effectively communicate instructions and demonstrate the ability to think creatively. As a visual reference, this year's application can be viewed here.

The Selection Process

RobotEx uses a blind selection process. Once the deadline for applications has passed, they are collected and numbered. These numbers, and the names of each applicant are placed in a Microsoft Excel file by a member of the Lean Team. The names are then removed, and the other Lean Team members read through each application. Each is graded according to a specialized rubric. This changes each year to match the most current application. After the top applications are gathered, the accepted members are contacted via email.

Example Applications

To provide an example of what qualifies an application as acceptable, example applications are available to the right.

The 2011 Application process began in the spring prior to the fall robotics season. We chose 75% of the team, leaving room for rising freshmen and transfer students. The motivation was to get the team together for training and other events over the summer. The applications were far better than those that we normally get. We think that one reason is that all students have had a Geometry course and most have had an Engineering the Future course. In the ETF course, students learn to make drawings using views. They also learn about the engineering design process and technical writing.These pdf files represent some samples of the applications we recieved from unacceptable to good.

Good Construction Application
Mediocre Construction Application
Low Quality Construction Application
Good Marketing Application
Mediocre Marketing Application
Low Quality Marketing Application