Dodge Elementary School

On Wednesday, October 20th, several team members went to Olive J. Dodge Elementary School to tell Mrs. Auer's fifth grade class about BEST Robotics. Last year's robot also made an entrance. There was a short presentation on biofuels; they discussed the benefits to the environment. The children were asked about renewable and nonrenewable resources, as well as global warming. They were also introduced to molecules, and made ball-and-stick models of water and carbon dioxide out of mashmallows and toothpicks. The Davidson RobotEx members also displayed several other molecules involved in this year's competition.


The Davidson RobotEx Team took time to help new and struggling schools with robot design problems and with computer programs such as SolidWorks. When schools are in need of help they know that, if notified, the Davidson team will provide assistance. The Davidson team traveled to McGill Toolen High School and Burns Middle School to assist them with SolidWorks. The Davidson RobotEx Team enjoys sharing their knowledge and experience with the community to promote and better the BEST community as a whole.


The Davidson RobotEx team took an active part in the recruitment of Knollwood Christian School for participation in the BEST competition in future years. The team made several contacts and set up visits to Knollwood. During these visits, the Davidson team sparked an interest for robotics in Knollwood’s students, and they plan to join the BEST competition next year. Davidson also plans to mentor Knollwood throughout their first year of competion in 2010.

Within the Community

The Davidson Robotics team is active in the community because they realize without the help of the community their product would not be successful. They pride themselves in promoting the BEST Robotics organization by speaking to community associations to explain how much Robotics impacts the community. The Davidson Robotics team met with the Chickasaw Kiwanis Club and the Mobile County Education Association to explain the engineering and real life experiences that students are being exposed to through BEST Robotics. The team brought with them robots from previous years and current marketing tools to showcase the products of Davidson’s Robotics team. These visits were successful in informing these adults about the work and knowledge that young people involved in Robotics are gaining from the BEST organization.