Team Members

Notebook Committee

Captain: Sarah McMinn
Edward Anderson
Bethany Andrews
Brianne Plash
Randy Curry
Wesley Davis
Kelsea Schumann
Cassie Zimmerman

Sales and Marketing Committee

Captain: Daniel New
Bethany Andrews
Hayden Kilcrease
Elizabeth McLain
Daniel New
Simon Reinert
Blakely Williams


Admiral: Leon Ruttley
Driving Captain: Josh Crowley
Hart Benton
Louis Buckalew
Michael Cook
Cody Dunn
Andrew Faggard
Nick Hawkins
Greg Hickman
Gloria Powe
Jaforrest Jackson
Christopher Jones
Daniel Kelly
Chris Lee
Jessica Lopez
Nakita Nikolayev
Grant Parker
Amanda Redfoot
Andrew Rose
Victoria Salazar
Jordan Steelman
Matt Turpa
Stephen Williams

Table Display Committee

Captain: Courtney Coxe
Tyler Clardy
Natalie Clotfelter
Riley Davis
Sarah Dollison
TJ Duren
Katie Hall
Justin Hill
Amber Hubbard
Ashely Johnston
Katie Lynch
Meredith McCutchen
Kristen Pike
Brianne Plash
Elizabeth Smith
Amy Walker
Cassie Zimmerman


Noise Makers: Students at Government Street Baptist School assisted the team in    making noise makers, which will be used on competition day.
Pep Band: The Davidson Band has been invited to attend competition day in order to show support for MACHO and our team. Most of the band will be out of town, so attendance may be minimal, but those present will show immense support for the team.
Banners: Table display team members met and painted banners for each school that will participate in local competition.
T-Shirts: The t-shirt was designed by Simon Reinert, a Davidson student and team member. Multiple, slightly varying designs were then voted on by the team via e-mail. The shirts were then printed by a Brian Johnston, the father of a team member.