School Recruitment - Outreach

            Team members went to various schools to promote the BEST Robotics competition, and gain support for our team. Two schools have been visited and one more will be each with a unique objective.

Government Street Baptist School
Team members visited the second grade classes at Government Street Baptist School. Students were told about the Robotics competition and the engineering process by students from Davidson’s team. After learning about engineering, students were encouraged to be an engineer by assisting the team in making noise makers for competition day. Each student received the appropriate materials and was then coached in how to make a noise maker, which Davidson students will use at competition.

St. Luke’s Episcopal School
Sponsor Mike Fletcher and team members attended St. Luke’s High School Night to promote BEST. Members discussed the engineering design process with St. Luke’s students. Students were able to drive our robot, and were encouraged to participate in the BEST competition in the future.

Burns Middle School
The robotics class at Burns and students interested in BEST will be coming to Davidson. Our robotics team will give them a tour of our workshop and promote BEST. We hope to encourage Burns to join the BEST competition next year. Our team members will explain the engineering design process and talk about the steps involved in building the robot and table display. They also had fun popping our left-over bubble wrap in a bubble wrap popping frenzy.

Phillips Preparatory School
Several members of the team will visit two 8th grade science classes at Phillips Preparatory School to promote BEST Robotics. They will take the robot and give a demonstration and allow the 8th grade students to drive. These science classes are scheduled for the second semester so our team is prepared to put out several simple machines and physics concepts used in building the robot. They will also explain how the engineering design algorithm applies to the competition. Our goal also includes recruiting Phillips to join the competition next year. We hope to excite the students and motivate them so that then middle schools will join and all of the high schools they attend next year will also participate.

Dodge Elementary School
Many of the students who attend Dodge will also attend Davidson. The Mobile Area Education Foundation (MAEF) is building a program that will institute and engineering curriculum from kindergarten through the 10th grade in the Davidson feeder pattern. Their goal is to encourage students to be more technologically literate and consider engineering as a career option. We are taking the initiative to facilitate this program by involving these students in the engineering process. We will explain the competition on an elementary level and excite students about the competition. The goal is to get them to encourage their middle and high schools to join the BEST competition. We have already recruited Burns Middle School to the competition for next year. Burns is in the same feeder pattern. We will consider it a success if all students K-12 are excited and participating in BEST.

This year the Davidson Robotics Team had three faculty sponsors:
Mr. Mike Fletcher: Engineering and general adviser
Mr. Zach Brewer: Construction
Miss Jenny Parker: Sales and Marketing

Construction: Yantzee Hintz
Mike Jones
Chris Oliver
Jorge Salazar
Table Display: Jim and Angie Coxe
Brian Johnston
Nina Clotfelter