Nāga and Bladerunner 2014

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    In 2004, RobotEx Corporation, a premier provider of quality robots, was established in Mobile, Alabama. For the past ten years, it has been a leader in robotics industry. The company is dedicated to the delivery of quality products, maintenance of a safe working atmosphere, and continued development as a good corporate citizen.

For more information about the Company, please click here.

      RobotEx is proud to introduce its latest product, Nāga.

For more information about Nāga, please click here.

This year's game is Bladerunner. Below is the teaser for the theme.

For more information about this year's game, please visit the BEST page here.

    RobotEx has a competitive application process. In a 6-week competition, we do not have time to extensively train people in the basics. The people we choose for the company will be able to demonstrate that they can think and write clearly and have a sense for engineering. Our application is designed to help us see that in new applicants.

    There are only 10-12 slots available for this round of applicants. We will likely receive 30 to 40 applications. That means that we will have to be very selective and turn away many good applications. As team members graduate, we will need to rebuild, so you are encouraged to reapply next year if you are not chosen for this team.

Download this year's application here.